Within AM Vilakazi Tau Incorporated Attorneys, our primary focus is on providing a one-stop business and legal service environment. Not surprisingly, we receive frequent requests for advisories (opinions) on various aspects of business, policy, law and regulation, as well as the drafting of contracts and regulations of a varied nature. We have established a high level of competence that is evidenced by the fact that our clients remain satisfied with our services.

  • Commercial law (drafting of all forms of commercial contracts, transaction advising to clients, for example setting up transaction processes, drawing up the necessary documents and negotiations on behalf of our clients and closing deals once authorised by clients)
  • Municipal law. This refers to that field of legal practice that encompasses compliance with municipal laws, drafting of municipal by laws, advising on aspects of integrated development programmes, legal aspects of township planning , and includes sitting on municipal tribunals for resolution of disputes /objections relating to township development .
  • Administration of deceased estates. At AM Vilakazi Tau Incorporated Attorneys we realize that it is not enough to have a fruitful relationship with a clients when they are alive , and to walk away when they pass on. Our estate administration service seeks to ensure that we carry our relationship beyond the passing of a person. We register deceased estates and go on to administer the deceased estate up to actual distribution of the residue in the deceased estate.
  • Commercial litigation (all aspects of litigation arising out of commercial transactions)
  • Labour law training and practice
  • Criminal and civil litigation
  • Family law and practice
  • Debt collection
  • Personal injury practice, including Road Accident Fund claims
  • Litigation in all courts
  • Medical negligence claims
  • Police brutality claims


Lion/Tau, King of the jungle. Need we say more?

Pricing and Billing

Projects and cases run over a period. When this happens we present monthly billing to the client, based on the work done during the month billed. Our billing and rates take into account the amount of time and preparation that was required to produce the product, as well as the level of legal seniority of the professional working on the matter. We have developed a specialised time management and time-keeping system to ensure that accounts are based on actual time spent on the job. Our fee billing is therefore time-based, whereas disbursements are based on actual file expenditure or liability with a small management fee added on.

Pricing is always a factor of a number of variables.
These variables include:

  • The urgency of the job
  • The size of the job
  • The inherent complications or ease of the job
  • The overall value of the job to the client
  • The extent to which the job is specialised.