The Team that makes it all possible for you.

Amos Vilakazi

Director and Principal

Founder and Principal Attorney, Amos Monkie Vilakazi is a seasoned legal and business practitioner and advisor with more than 30 years’ experience in the corporate and legal field. He oversees all legal services and gives guidance to the legal personnel of the firm. His special interests are in the fields of labour law, corporate law and commercial litigation.

Davies Dzingo

Practice Manager

Mr. Dzingo is the Practice Manager. He is responsible to guide the business side of the firm, including general administration, staff development and finance.

Maria Mokwebo

Director and Head: Personal Injury Department

Director and Head of the Personal Injury Department, Ms. Mokwebo was admitted to practice as an Attorney of the High Court of South Africa in 2008. She has extensive practical experience in this field. She is responsible for all litigation involving claims against the Road Accident Fund; medical malpractice claims against medical practitioners and the government; claims against the Passenger Rail Authority of South Africa (PRASA); and claims of assault against the police and the relevant government department. Her practice accentuates the litigation that pertains to civil and personal injury claims.

Shimange Mahlori Dion

Litigation Attorney

Mr Shimange  was admitted and enrolled as an Attorney of the High Court of South Africa in 2017. He is the latest addition to the professional staff of the firm. He is responsible for general litigation in the commercial, civil and criminal spheres of law.

Adelia Sithole

Communications Officer

In her role as the Information Officer at AM Vilakazi Tau Inc. Attorneys, Ms Sithole is responsible for internal and external communication. Her primary function and strength is in maintaining client liaisons on the progress of cases, a critical role in ensuring healthy relations between the firm and its clients. She also tracks progress on all matters/cases and liaises with the firm’s attorneys on a weekly basis.

Mr Maleka

Assistant Admin

he gives daily support to all staff of the firm in various areas of their work, relative to administration. he is however involved in general administration.